Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guilty as Charged

I was ever so sweetly reminded by one of my bestest friends that I've become a serious blog slacker. She's so right. I have become very slack...but I have an excuse! Things have been super crazy around here. I have so many upcoming things to post about including my very first newborn shoot!!! I am SO excited! I come into photography because I have such a love for children and what's more precious and perfect than a newborn? I've always wanted to have a session with a newbie, but truth be told, it's not something alot of parents think about right after having a baby and getting used to a new lifestyle. But I think that the newborn age is one of the times it's most crucial to get as many pictures as possible because they are only that little for such a short amount of time. As a mommy, I wish that I had thought about it for my son. So I'm very excited about that opportunity along with some other very special ones!

Until then, I realize I hardly ever post any of my own little man (who by the way is getting so big!). It's very rare that I get eye contact from him, I guess 2.5 years in front of my camera has made him immune to it. Most children are fascinated by it, I think it's the click, but not Jace. Sometimes I think he is actually ignoring me on purpose! Well, the other day was my lucky day. While I love shots that I don't have eye contact equally as much, it's like I win the lottery when I get that rare shot! :)

This shot is something very special to me. This just oozes "Jace". Does that make sense? haha! This is my little boy, it's so....boyish! It makes my heart flutter now, and I just know that in 20 years or so, I will look back and just melt, probably cry, when I see this. Ok, that's my sappy mommy moment for today :)

We have fun scouting locations. This is an old barn that Jace did NOT want to leave. It had a very old truck...what little boy would wanna leave?

Check back soon for some very exciting updates!!!